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If you are not over 18, please leave, and don’t come back until you’re over 18. Then come back! You’re wanted here, just not until it means I’m not going to get in trouble.

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I am Callie Press, the Queen of Smutpunk. I write dirty, adult, erotic, sexy, smutty, imaginative, subversive, transgressive stories from my own imagination.

I used to be a very naughty young lady, and I’m not at all ashamed of that. I like it, actually, even if I need to keep secrets in daily life just for propriety—we all know how this works, right?

And by the way, I’m very much not looking for anyone. I’m happily taken. I’m also well and frequently taken. And yes I like stupid little puns and word jokes, especially if they’re dirty. So flirting is one thing, but please respect my boundaries, wherever I decide to draw them.

That’s what I’m about and that’s pretty much all. I’m making this the front page so everyone gets the ‘You must be 18 or over’ message.


The Queen of Smutpunk

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