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Ed Wood: Smutpunk Icon

Ed Wood: Smutpunk Icon

Ed Wood is a Smutpunk icon for many reasons, so let’s start with the best of them. He was persistent (except when he wasn’t, because of his addictions, with which I can relate).

He also made the greatest of all bad movies, Plan Nine from Outer Space. It’s not just a bad movie, it’s the worst. There are plenty of contenders and opinions vary, but no one can deny the atrocity that this movie is.

Superlatives are Smutpunk as fuck.

Ed Wood is the household name for bad movies, and Plan Nine was his masterpiece. I think he was the kind of person who had an imaginative mind, yet had no imagination to draw from. I also think he was the kind of person who was incompetent in general, and surrounded himself with similarly incompetent people.

This is never a recipe for success. Yet despite this, his genius managed to wrangle a kind of victory, a legacy of greatness even, out of his every failure.

Smutpunks aren’t afraid to fail. Shit, we were perfectly set up to fail. We’re supposed to fail, and all the systems work to keep us under the shit-covered boot of authority. Smutpunks didn’t get the foreplay of seeing everything work out as children. Smutpunks don’t get made love to by life, we get bent over and dicked up the ass dry.

But we’re here to tell you that it’s time for us to do the mounting. And we’re going to rape a success out of this smegma-puddle of a reality one way or another.

So without further ado, enjoy this fantastic, entertaining, poorly written, hilarious, terribly acted abortion of the art of film, and remember as you do: Ed Wood is a household name.

You can be too.

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