Gauntlet, a dirty little ditty about yvette winters

Dirty Little Ditties!

Here’s the first of my dirty little ditties. It is one of Yvette’s naughty gangbang stories (she has a ton of them). She said I could announce that we have an email addy for her now. (Guess what it is? Yes, This one has some serious spanking in it too, in fact it’s almost more spanking than gangbang, maybe… anyhow, get it here

I’ve always understood the pleasure of the pain of a good spanking, especially when I have it coming, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one like this! I was a little jealous. I might just have to be bad and see if I can earn it.

But like just about everything so far I’ve got out, it’s the first of a series. This one won’t be an ongoing story though, it will just be…well…dirty little ditties, like it says! Whenever I get something super hot and short and I don’t know what to do with it, this is what will happen. Because of how everyone is bitching about the pages in the KDP, I’m not going to bother letting this one be put in the library.

I think it’s hot enough to ‘work’–wink, wink–so 99 cents isn’t really asking much, is it? (Hint: it’s really…dirty. Just like I like em.) And I don’t want to get into bitching and moaning about the page counts and stuff, I like everyone to read my work and get off. But I gotta make a living! And it just seems like it’s a losing deal to put tiny little releases in the Kindle library, sad to say, which is what they wanted. Fair enough!

Next up: Sweet as Candy, a story about another buxom little redhead like Lyssa and yours truly. This time, though, it’s 3 short stories and it’s not part of a series! So I don’t know if you will like it more or less, but it’s hot. You get to watch her go from a good little catholic school girl to a subbie gangbang toy. It’s fun 🙂 And after that, I think I might release the next Hot Wife Lyssa book, because it gets to be some crazy stuff! Update: Sweet as Candy will not be released on Amazon, ever. I’ve decided to keep it as a present for my readers, particularly the fans of the Hot Wife Lyssa series. If you want it, all you have to do is send an email to easteregg at and ask for it by name. ALSO: Gauntlet was tagged Adult, and it is indeed in the Kindle library, because hell with it, if people want to read it, I’ll take my three pennies and hope they got off! Cheap date right! 🙂

Oh, and I finally got my damn mailing list to work, so please sign up. This one is just for releases and big things, not for every blog post or whatever. Kissies until next time!

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