final give good head cover (small) self-help non-fiction by callie press

Self-help non-fiction! Give Good Head

My latest is a work of non-fiction, a self-help book entitled Give Good Head. Here is the Amazon blurb:

In this short, non-fiction, self-help guide, Callie Press speaks to women honestly and openly about how to please a man. Light on technique but long on fundamentals, this book can teach anyone how to perform oral sex much more effectively. With a foreword by Moctezuma Johnson.

Yes, the one and only MJ wrote a foreword for me once he read my final draft. I wanted advice on where I should place it (you never know these days about certain bookselling juggernauts-cum-pseudo-monopolies) and he wanted to endorse it! I’m very happy about that!

It will come off of Kindle Unlimited when the three months are up, though, since I suspect it will be useful to audiences in other markets as well, and I honestly think that a lot of women will be able to do wonderful things for themselves (and their current man) after they read it. Sometimes we need to be given permission, and I tried to make sure that this book did that.

So here’s my link to it, go get it! It is free on Kindle Unlimited right now, and I will be running a promotion for it soon so that it’s free for everyone for at least a couple days. Share it. Pass it around. Gift it to women you think can use it.




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