preorder erotic pulp #1 by callie press

Preorder Erotic Pulp #1

Preorder Erotic Pulp #1 Today!

Erotic Pulp #1 is now available for preorder right here and will be available April 5, 2016.

Erotic Pulp #1 is the first Smutpunk Reader in an ongoing series that you can think of as a smutpunk-y reader’s digest! Stories in this edition include a Barnacle Man adventure (with the most epic human cockslap EVER DOCUMENTED), a romantic blast from the past involving Candy and Danny, the feature story of Queen Kegel and Sarcashmo (aka San Esperma), and MORE!

Don’t be left with your dicks or tits (or dicks and tits) swinging in the breeze! Get on this action post-haste, true believers! SMUTPUNK UP YOUR ASS! (In a good way)


Check out the cover:

erotic pulp by callie press smutpunk reader volume 1




4 thoughts on “Preorder Erotic Pulp #1”

  1. Supernatural, impotent deity or arrogant, sexist piece of shit pig, just an inept, insecure, worthless little pile of puke trying to smokescreen its misandry behind a pile of drivel labelled erotica. No stories of Male led D/s? Oh no, sorry, can’t have that can we as when its that way round its violence. FSOG was and is simply because its a man worthy of the name doing it to a woman worthy of the name and not a fat reject fuck bag maggot and a limp dick twat. Pulp is what your garbage should be turned into

    1. Is English your first language? Anyway, you’ve obviously not read my work, and I’m glad. I don’t play well with morons. Fuck off, ok? Kissies!

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