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Queen Kegel and the Arena Planet Live on Amazon!

Queen Kegel and the Arena Planet

JOURNEY with Queen Kegel as she faces an intimidating challenge on the Arena Planet!
THRILL at her Marvelous Reincarnated Gladiators fighting for their LIVES!
FEAR the perils facing the entire UNIVERSE which only QK can defeat!
FALL to your knees and obey your lusty Queen…QUEEN KEGEL!


Callie’s meta-subversive smutpunk epic, Queen Kegel and the Arena Planet, is now available on Amazon!

Queen Kegel ventures to the Arena Planet using her sex magic. Along with Sarchasmo and her gladiators, she must face the blatant and unseen trials set before her. If she doesn’t win the challenges, the cost to the Callieverse will be catastrophic! Throw in the tribulations her ‘meat bag’—the flesh her consciousness is somehow bound to—and you are in for one hell of a ride!

Have you been wondering about all the hints and connections between Callie’s various works? How is Lyssa from the Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions series connected to the titular character of Butterface? What are all the weird little vignettes in the Erotic Pulp series about? What is the Intraworld about? What is the Tithe of Souls? How did Queen Kegel even become a being of power in the first place? All those answers are here! Get your guidebook to the Callieverse along with a hell of a wild story all in one!

Check it out today!


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