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Tonguing Tromp: Topical 2016 Election Story Available

Tonguing Tromp

Had a manic spree and realized I could make my own questionable-quality topical erotica too. Here’s the story of how I evaluated one of the 2016 Presidential candidates, Donald Tromp, and what I experienced at his HUGE rally! Why should everybody else (including unknowns) be the only one cashing in on this shit? Momma needs a new pair of combat boots! I’m talkin BANK son!

There’s no serious violence, but it’s still #smutpunk, so you know. It’s “implied.” I don’t allow the brownshirts too much leeway, it’s my god damn book.

Also, in case you couldn’t tell, I made the cover in Paint all by myself. Have there been worse covers than this for a topical sellout type of eBook? Probably, but never on purpose.

This whole book, from opening the empty Word .doc to clicking ‘Publish,’ took me almost 6 hours.

Oh, and yes…you’re WELCOME.

Get it here, help me pay my student loans, or at least buy coffee so I can write more.

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  1. It was a cheap word that was alliterative and passed the Zon’s BS name conventions…it can mean whatever you like! But yes I made sure there was a tongue up his bum in there just so it made sense LOL

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