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Trump Parody Re-Released

Trump Parody Re-released on Amazon

I got the BEST PARODY! You wouldn’t believe it! Believe me!

I had the most FANTASTIC Trump parody before, and then I made it even better! It’s better than the best! I added the BEST stuff so that it’s even more YUGE than before! I didn’t add ANYTHING of value and I never said I did! I did not say that! I said it’s YUGE! And it IS! Trust me! We’re gonna have the BEST PARODY!

Click right on that handsome mug there! It’s the BEST! It’s big! It’s fantastic! It’s wonderful! And the Mexicans are gonna pay for it! Just click it and pay for it and grab it by the pussy and then just wait for the Mexicans to make it right with you! Trust me! I’ll tell them to! Believe me!


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