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The newsletter that you get signed up to with the check box in the comments is different. That is the WordPress thing that just notifies you when I post a new blog. The one above is the one where I catch you up and make it all pretty and give you links to things. They’re both good! (The one up there is better.)

Now down below, here:

This is where you can all reach out to touch me, if you like. If something is wrong with the site, please let me know! Thanks! If you just want to talk dirty to me, well…down below here goes right to my private email. 😉

Or if you want to confess to something anonymously, and want me to consider it for a story or an eBook, you’re giving me the right to use the sordid ideas…but if you understand that and still want to, then by all means, come sit next to me and whisper in my ear.

If you want to ask me about writing custom stories for you, I decide if I will do them on a case-by-case basis, and they are NOT cheap. My time is extremely valuable, and my writing gives me residual income that custom stories can’t compete with. But if you want to ask me anyway, I do my best to stay approachable. Give me as much detail as I’d need to write it, how long you want it to be, and any deadlines you may have for the project (which are a multiplier of the cost–my time is mine, so if you want control me, you simply must pay well for it). Then find a comfy chair and sit down, so when I respond with a quote, the heart attack you have from the price won’t make you bust your head open. 🙂

I’ve actually done quite a bit of that in the past, and it’s not something I want to do very often. But if you just have to have me…(oooh…)…well, talk to me. I’m accommodating. Just try to be rich first, ok?

And finally, I don’t guarantee a response if you email me, but I’ll generally respond. I will try unless there’s a good reason for me not to reply. I’m good about responding within a day most of the time, but don’t count on it.

Now, one more time:

This is NOT the form to join my list!

This form sends me an email directly. Go for it, but if you’re here to join my list, use the one up top! They are not the same!

Uses of the form below should be limited to:

  • Notifying me of an error, typo, or problem with my site, one of my books, etc
  • Telling me what you thought of something I wrote or said
  • Telling me how fantastically I made you come
  • Confessing your sexual sins
  • Telling me what you want to do to me, or what you want me to do to you
  • Haggling with me for a private piece of writing (be prepared to pay exorbitantly)

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    1. Hmm that’s no good…I’ll make sure you’re on it 🙂 I’m not so great at figuring out why things go wrong though, so that might take a while.

  1. Hey theгe! I’ve bееn reading yоur site fօr a long timе noա and finallү gօt the
    courage too go ahead aand ցive yߋu ɑ shout out from New Caney
    Tx! Just wanted tߋ mention keᥱp սp the great job!

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