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Titles By Callie Press



Give Good Head

final give good head cover (small) self-help non-fiction by callie press
give good head cover


Erotic Pulp

Erotic Pulp Volume 1: Smutpunk Readererotic pulp by callie press smutpunk reader volume 1

Erotic Pulp Volume 2: Smutpunk Readererotic pulp volume 2 by callie press smutpunk reader get it on!

Erotic Pulp Volume 3: Smutpunk Readererotic pulp volume 3 smutpunk reader

Queen Kegel and the Arena Planet

queen kegel and the arena planet live cover callie press smutpunk qk

Tonguing Tromp


butterface excerpts and cover small version by callie press erotica erotic horror

Dominating Donna

Dominating Donna by Callie Press

The Chamber-Pot Prince

Confessions of Yvette #1




The Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions Series

Omnibus #1 (Books 1 through 4)

Hot Wife Lyssa Lyssa's Confessions Bundle 1

Me Under Glass (#5)

Me In Recovery (#6)

Sweet as Candy (Newsletter Only)

The Trailer Trash Tales Series

Sunbathing in the Trailer Park

Sunbathing in the trailer park trailer trash tales #1

Birthday in the Trailer Park (2017)




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