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Dirty Little Ditties!

Here’s the first of my dirty little ditties. It is one of Yvette’s naughty gangbang stories (she has a ton of them). She said I could announce that we have an email addy for her now. (Guess what it is? Yes, This one has some serious spanking in it too, in fact it’s almost more spanking than gangbang, maybe… anyhow, get it here

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Me and Mr. Fixit

Introducing Lyssa, who has many stories to tell. Funny how we have the same profile pic!

Me and Mr. Fixit

Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions (part 1)

The first in a series of confessions by hot wife Lyssa. Watch as she goes from being a normal, attractive housewife into a wild, cuckolding creature of lust with ever more crazy adventures! And it all started with a random dirty instant message…

As usual, if you have a Kindle or Amazon Unlimited, you can read it for free. Enjoy! And don’t be afraid to tweet, email, or DM me if you liked it! You can use this, if you would rather.


DOMINATING DONNA Omnibus (parts 1-3)

DOMINATING DONNA Omnibus Edition Now Available

DOMINATING DONNA has it all: Billionaires, dominance, submission, bondage, slavery, gang bangs, spanking, humiliation, revenge, there’s even a golden shower and anonymous group sex with what may have been a group of dwarves…

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NEW RELEASE: The Chamber-Pot Prince

The Chamber-Pot Prince

A Very Naughty Fairy Tale for Grownups

by Callie Press

“She told me then,” the filthy pot rumbled, and with a most miserable, saddening tone to its low voice, “that only the most passionate kisses from a sweet maiden such as yourself could set me free, which, of course, is never going to happen. For what beautiful maiden could ever be passionately aroused for a chamber-pot, even though I shall become once again a lordly ‘andsome prince well equipped for any lady’s pleasure, and master of a hundred lands and a thousand knights and piles of gold? Oh woe is me!”

WARNING: Requires a sense of humor!

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