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Dumbing-down the West: Why We Got Dumber

Thoughts on Getting Dumber

We’ve been getting dumber for a long time now. It’s not our fault. It started long before most of us were even alive, although our elders remember the beginning if they care to think back.

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Funk Mondays! Another #smutpunk #musicmonday

Funk Mondays!

On this #musicmonday we are going back into the proto-smutpunk roots of sexy genre-mashing awesomeness. If you know the Queen of Funk, good for you! If not, prepare to be bitchslapped with pure artistic awesomeness in the best whole-woman kind of way.

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That’s a lot of day’s worth of blog posts in a row for me. I’m taking today off to work on other stuff.

Why don’t you leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see more of here? I’m always throwing ideas around, maybe yours can bang into mine and make something blow up! (Which would hopefully not turn into a literal aneurysm or something.)