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The 27 Club and related bullshit

The 27 club and related bullshit

I really should be finishing Butterface right now. But in the course of my natural distractions I came across an article on the 27 club in Wikipedia which really aggravated the living shit out of me. Too short to tweet, to annoying to bother with Facebook, I decided that I would just vent on a blog on my website because after all that’s what it’s for, right?

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You Don’t Need a Kindle to Read Me

Seriously, you can read Kindle mobi’s on anything, you don’t need to buy the actual Kindle. I’m always upset at how few people realize this!

But as a public service, here you go:

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Anybody remember ascii/ansi art?

Revision: Bad SEO on my ascii art article! OMG!

I think I’ll have fun with this! LOL.

Ascii art is probably about as old fashioned now as saying ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ but I’ll always have a soft spot for it 🙂 This is the cover image from the upcoming Give Good Head turned into ascii art by the software at

I just thought it was cute and funny 🙂

Twitter Sexy Haikus #1

My Twitter Sexy Haikus #1


So I get these haiku moods where I tend to think that way. Last week or weekend I had that happen and I just threw the raw versions out to twitter. I’ve touched a couple of these up but not much.

This is going to happen here from time to time, so I hope you’ll let me know what you think 🙂

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Amazon Promotion of DOMINATING DONNA

Amazon Promotion of DOMINATING DONNA

From August 10th through August 14th, DOMINATING DONNA is entirely free to download on Amazon. NO Prime or Unlimited needed, it’s just FREE! So go to and make them give it to you…you deserve it!

Welcome to my naughty thoughts!

My Own Naughty Thoughts Blog

Hi there everyone…I’m Callie. You may guess this is a pen name. Well, you would guess half right, because my last name isn’t Press. What’s ironic about that, is that I didn’t even put it together with “Press” meaning “printing press” or “publishing house” until like two weeks ago (it’s true, and I’m not typically dense unless I want to be). But my name really is Callie.

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