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Butterface Excerpts

Butterface Excerpts

Butterface is coming for Halloween!

Read the excerpt at…, then don’t miss the one at!

Those two together in that order are the whole first chapter. Enjoy!


How I Deal With Writers Block

How I Deal With Writer’s Block

You couldn’t possibly have already read my afterword in the new Lyssa (#4), but if you have—I mean, when you DO, because of course you all gobble up every word I give you—you would know that I read quite a few books by Piers Anthony when I was a teenager. And yes, cynics and critics, I know he has a reputation as kind of a…let’s just say possibly a hint of the dirty old man and a kind of, shall we say, overproducing writer (but I still like the ones I like!)—and that this probably explains a lot about how I’m still kind of stuck in late 80’s/early 90’s teenage level sexuality. Regardless, the biggest thing I learned from him was a method for dealing with writer’s block.

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Grammar 2: Your/You’re, Which/That, There/their/they’re

You can’t tell, but she just read a ‘your’ which should’ve been ‘you’re’ and she wants to stab you in the ear with a knitting needle.

Grammar Post #2

(the first was about commas)

There are so many of these kind of posts out there that it’s shameful, but every fucking day I see people doing it wrong. I read it in submissions from people who should know better (at my “day job,” not with my Callie Press friends—they don’t even write the things, either I do or we do it together). But listen, it’s simple. I hope to explain these in the simplest way ever so it sticks. Ready? Read:

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Fuck That Made Me Hot

The sentence is ‘Fuck, that made me hot.’ Of course it got grammar flagged.

When will Word know better? But it’s a good lesson in how commas can change meaning!

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