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Erotica reviews, only not quite. Read these.

Erotica Reviews that aren’t reviews at all

I don’t have time to write all these reviews right now; I read a lot just to keep my head straight, but writing has been intense work for me lately. Not just my erotica writing either, some of you realize I write as a day job too. So when I can focus on erotica, I focus on erotica!

Rest assured that I would have written outstanding reviews of these and I recommend them completely. 5 stars all! Read them. I will present them without further comment (oh, except for one thing: every erotica writer who self-publishes at our Online Faceless Behemoth needs to read BENDING OVER FOR JEFF. It’s brilliant, funny, bitter, hot, and just an amazing read.)

July Cumming:

Bending Over For Jeff

Violet the Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield

Reed James:

Roleplay Gone Wrong: Naughty Wives 1

Under His Boss’s Desk

Jenny Foshia:

Blind Sensations

Moctezuma Johnson:

The Nymph and the Epiphany: Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired 3

Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Replicating Dildos

Lexie Syrah:

Veronica’s Carnal Knowledge Book 1: First Time Back Door Pain & Submission

Sloane Howell:

The Panty Whisperer (1)

Kelly Kitano:

First Taste

Dee Dawning:

Fancy Lady and the Desperadoes


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