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More mini-reviews

Even More Mini-Reviews

Mini reviews are all I really have time for, but I don’t bother posting a review on my site unless I recommend that you read it. I am dreadfully far behind on writing reviews. I read a lot, but not all of what I read is relevant to smutpunk or erotica. My reviews always are, though, so check these out as soon as you can!

Akako’s Wedding by Kelly Kitano: This story is very hot. If you like interracial erotica do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as possible!

IMOGEN: Captured (#1) by R.B. O’Brien: Great start to an interesting story. R.B. captures her protagonist’s emotions wonderfully and creates an intriguing world. I look forward to the rest of the series!

Muffin Submits in the House of Flies by Patient Lee: Wow! What a hot read. This is wall-to-wall excitement that builds to a wonderfully disturbing climax and a promising dénouement. Looking forward to reading more by this author!

The Sex Manual: How to Play with His Joystick and Press Her Buttons by Moctezuma Johnson: For those of us lucky enough to be familiar with MJ’s works, this is a fun and entertaining read. For the rest, expect to be enlightened, stunned, and maybe even a little repulsed until the power of his ideas strike home.

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