Futadelic by Moctezuma Johnson

Erotica: FUTADELIC by Moctezuma Johnson

Callie Reviews FUTADELIC: THE POWER OF POTION by Moctezuma Johnson

If you get your erotica from any of the big sources these days, you know the name Moctezuma Johnson (who I’ll call MJ from now on. Probably everywhere ever, because that is a lot of letters to type). I had seen his name all over when I started to research the self-publishing thing. I had never read any of his work, mostly because I was broke but also because I didn’t know what to make of it, from the descriptions. It seemed to be all over the place, categorically.

So I made Mr. MJ’s Twitter acquaintance and he kindly offered me a review copy of FUTADELIC: THE POWER OF POTION which he gifted me on Amazon. I just finished it, and it was truly an experience.

This book is hard to categorize, as I suspected, but for the same reason I find my own stuff hard to categorize. It’s just got a lot of wild, crazy sex going on. It’s not just one linear little thing happening from meeting to foreplay to fucking, which is something that most people find easy to do so you see a lot of it. (It sells, so I’m trying to do one, but it’s hard for me. I bet it’s hard for MJ too. Mostly because even though as a reader a good fuck tale is exciting, as a writer, it is SO FUCKING BORING.)

Nothing, and I mean nothing, about FUTADELIC is boring. I was hooked from the intro, and I kept getting interrupted which made me mad. I got lost momentarily a time or two, but eventually I caught up to what he was doing, and when it went into the explicit sex, it was very explicit, very hot, and very creative. I imagine as many sexual situations as I can just for fun, and he had one that surprised me in this book. In a good way. A very unusually arousing, good way.

FUTADELIC is strangely and satisfyingly literate, because there are actually things happening besides explicit sex, and because of his use of the language. He definitely has a unique voice. And to me, that’s a good thing. MJ is one of the most imaginative erotica writers I’ve read so far, and I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in going on a weird, creative, sexy trip to the Far East. There’s a good reason his twitter is @MJKingofErotica!

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