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Reviews: Erotica and Smutpunk Mini-reviews

More Mini-reviews by Callie

Hello, sexy readers! Mini-reviews are apparently becoming my only real means of keeping up. I actually do know how to properly review a book, I just haven’t had that kind of time and energy lately. It will happen again, someday. In the meantime, like last time, these are all 5-stars from me. I have another 5 to add and write, but I can’t sit on this one any longer, it’s been literally 3 months waiting for me to get them up already.

Anyhow, all of these are more recommended reads than real reviews, so go get them and dig in!

Red Sky at Morning by Made in DNA

(Certified Smutpunk!)

This is a great, atmospheric detective story with connections to the Cthulhu mythos. The short length is perfect, technically, but I still wish it had been longer! Great contribution to the mythos and I’ll be reading more from this author. And you should be, too…get it!

Triangulum Stain 2, or The Battle for Alien Relish: How the Five Hive restored the Funk (a Futa Transgender Cthulhu Sci-Fi) by Moctezuma Johnson

(Certified Smutpunk!)

Here’s what I said on Amazon: I admit my bias as a straight-up fan of MJ’s work. Part of the reason is because he just keeps getting better and more imaginative. This is a must-read.

What I didn’t say on Amazon is that this amazing work also includes a serious and ‘hell yeah!’ cross-referencing of some of my work. I was proud to have had something to do with it, because it’s a kick ass read. Get it!

Romance with the Alpha Male Billionaire by Emme Hor

(Certified Smutpunk! In fact, certified Smutpunk Up Your Ass!)

Amusing, surprising, hot, weird, fun. In short, everything I expect from MJ’s better half. Plus roller skates! It’s not long, but it’s definitely worth a read. It’s part 2 in the Women’s Adventure Romance Series, and part 1 is fun reading also.

Violet the Organ Grinder: Innocence by July Cumming

(Certified Smutpunk!)

I’m out of words to explain how hot July’s writing is. Here’s the deal, folks. If you want an amazing read that will play with taboos in the hottest way possible and completely awaken your naughty bits, July is your girl. Her older men/younger woman scenarios are completely scorching, and Gus and Violet are a great addition to her stable (pardon the pun). VTOG: Innocence is just the latest in what is becoming July’s perfect catalog of “gets-you-off.” At least, it gets me off, even with poor, tormented Pedro (which is great) and the cliffhanger ending. Try it and see!

BJ Bliss by Brixton Atwood

This mini-review is intended to be a warning: you get a lot more than you bargained for with this book. Brixton has a clever, playful style, a great sense of humor, and turns this story into a fun, super sexy adventure that should please just about everyone. I adore the idea of competing sex businesses operating at the edge of the law, and Brixton took that ball and really ran with it. The writing is solid, the characters behave believably in the unbelievable circumstances, and fun is had by all. Tons of hot bj’s, of course, and I’m ready for more!

The Sun and the Moon by Leslie McAdam

Leslie McAdam’s first book has it all. I was already hooked on the story and Leslie’s skillful writing on Wattpad (I made my account there just to read this, actually). I rarely enjoy what could be considered a ‘straight romance’ like I did with this. What a wonderful surprise to get the eBook and see that it is fantastically well-produced as well! The interior is exceptionally handsome. Combine that with the fantastic characterization (primarily of Amelia, of course, but also Ryan and Marie) and the true craftsmanship and skill Leslie brings to the semi-epistolary narrative voice and character-driven plot, and I wish I could give this six stars.

Which I can, since this is my website. So yeah. This is a 5-star read, and the entire production is a 6-star Amazon eBook version (I can’t speak for other formats). Leslie is a talented author to read and watch, and this book is a winner.

The Vet by Yuko Hibiki (translation by Made in DNA)

I found this story fascinating as well as exciting. Originally published in Japanese, there are some aspects of the characterization which felt curious to my Western thoughts. This didn’t hurt my enjoyment a bit, it added to it. It’s a hot little piece of erotica by any standard!


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