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Mini-Reviews: The Atwoods, O’Brien, Lee

Catching Up On Mini-Review Posts!

More Mini-Reviews of 5-star books on Amazon by Vera Atwood, Brixton Atwood, R.B. O’Brien, and Patient Lee. Check them all out!

First, I have to say this: I owe Vera and Brixton huge apologies. I’ve had their books for almost a year. I read them and loved them both, but I never got around to writing the reviews! Part of it was my physical health issues but it was mostly just negligence, flakiness, and my poor mental health. Mea culpa. To top off my selfish je ne sais quoi, I realized this and was going to include them in yesterday’s post.

But I didn’t. Naturally I had a frantic day and I was lucky to even finish that post, so this meant I had to write another review column. I was going to call it ‘Reviewing the First Two by the Atwoods’ or something, but then something good happened. I remembered that I never posted the Amazon reviews I left on R.B. O’Briens sexy, intelligent Imogen: Captured or Patient Lee’s smoking-hot Muffin’s Change: In the House of Flies!

The reviews are ludicrously brief and the books deserve better, but I can’t apologize for my mini-reviews any more than I already do. Shit happens and sometimes I’m just a fuck-up. What are ya gonna do?

And as a side point, 90% of the time, I’d either be spoiling the books, or repeating myself more than I do in the mini-reviews. I don’t review books I don’t consider top-of-the-heap erotica as a rule. How many ways are there for me to say “This book is hot and well-done, it will get you off, buy it, you’ll enjoy it!”?

Because that’s all people reading reviews want to know, really. I let them discover it for themselves, and then agree or disagree with me based on the work. I like to let the author’s writing do the talking, so to speak.

Look at it this way: Mini-reviews are more that I want to promote these works than to actually review them, because there’s not much for me to say, except to just gush about what geeked me out as I read. And remember, if Callie says it, it HAS to be Good! You all know this by now, right?

So literally, to everyone named or non-de-plumed in this column, I’m sorry! You all deserve much better, but thank you for writing these fantastic reads. Everyone else, buy every one of these and read them if you haven’t already. They are hot and well-done. They will get you off, you’ll enjoy them. 🙂

Muffin’s Change: In the House of Flies

by Patient Lee


Wow! What a hot read. This is wall-to-wall excitement that builds to a wonderfully disturbing climax and a promising dénouement. Looking forward to reading more by this author!

Imogen: Captured (Book One)

by R.B. O’Brien

Loved it!
Great start to an interesting story. R.b. captures her protagonist’s emotions wonderfully and creates an intriguing world. I look forward to the rest of the series!

Howlin’ At My Moon

by Vera Atwood

What a fun read! This book has it all

What a fun read! This book has it all. I won’t spoil the surprise, but if you like oral, spanking, billionaire, and group sex scenes, get this. Vera has a wonderfully humorous voice, with what feels to me a like a smutpunk sensibility for poking fun at the very things it is simultaneously paying homage to (and getting you off with). Loved it!

BJ Bliss

by Brixton Atwood

Ought to be a Movie
This book is a great, sexy read, and just like the cover promises, it is full of bj action! The premise is wonderfully ludicrous and the competition and conflicts arising from their ‘business’ create a wonderful atmosphere for hot and sometimes tongue-in-cheek commentary in the most subtle ways. If you don’t catch that, you will still enjoy the many explicit scenes because they are very well written. Brilliant and worth reading!










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