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More Blurby 5-Star Reviews

First, check out my guest blog on Moctezuma Johnson’s smutpunk website!

Now, I’m still recovering from an operation, so I’ve been reading, but not writing. So I decided, until I get around to putting the reviews on Amazon, to do another mini-review blog post. The blurbs are what matter the most anyhow, right? (I know, I know…)

A Thing of Beauty by Bianca M. Schwartz. I’ve never been a big fan of the ‘typical’ romance novel (not that this one is typical, but in the sense of genre ghettos). Make no mistake, this author can write. This book is so good, it got me interested in the historical romance genre. It’s by far the best historical romance I’ve ever read, and I expect it will be until the next Henry March mystery. A hefty, sexy, exciting, great read.

Good Pussy, Bad Pussy and Good Pussy, Bad Pussy in Captivity by Amy Aimee. This is a curious but excellent read. The characters, particularly Rachel, are complex and multilayered. Many very hot scenes are made hotter by the emotional entanglements the author skillfully draws the reader into. Even if you find Rachel difficult to empathize with early on, stick it out and you’ll be glad you did, because the story gets much bigger than it seems at first.

Jizzibelle, the Belle of Burlesque by Kat Crimson. Sex, music, dancing, a huge cast of characters—all of this and more makes you feel like you lived through this book more than just read it.  It was originally sent to the adult dungeon by you-know-who, because they’re prudes and this book just oozes sensuality in every paragraph. I can’t wait for more in this setting! (I loved the emotional side of Jocelyn and Ryan’s story as well, but the setting is what really got me going!)

Hide and Seek by Felicity Brandon. 1st person present is a difficult tense to work in without feeling amateurish. This author is no amateur and uses the person and tense to maximum effect, and just like Jizzibelle, the reader experiences this book more than reads it. A great little piece of blistering hot erotica!

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. A relatively unknown classic that anyone who enjoyed 1984 or Brave New World should read, especially in light of how the world is these days. It’s not erotica, but you’re not one-dimensional and good reading is good reading. Besides, if you’re reading reviews, why not review other kinds of literature? (Yes, erotica can be literature.) Give it a shot!

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