research results

Research Results

Research Results

Presented without comment (or SEO because you know where to find me). Just FYI. You know how things go. If this isn’t for you then don’t friggin worry about it, hey? Right?

Moctezuma Johnson and other smutpunk: sativa, ecstasy, lsd, ayahuasca, spiced rum

Callie Press: You tell me, I recommend sativa, dmt, lsd, peyote, or opiates (small doses, and no fentanyl you morons)

H.P. Lovecraft: see Callie Press, or stay sober

Tool: dmt, ketamine, sativa, or opiates (be careful you dummies…kids these days, I tell ya)

Black Sabbath: opiates, edibles (indica)

AC/DC: draft (draught?) beer, homegrown

Judas Priest, Iron Maiden: good beer, mixed drinks, sativa, acid, or cocaine

Modern mainstream country: opioids and fentanyl and straight whiskey, feel free to mix and go overboard until you are broken of this music choice in one way or the other*

Old outlaw country: excessive amounts of PBR or one of the beers that sound like a bodily function onomatopoeia, maybe some ditch weed, filterless cigarettes

Any of the awesome music with George Clinton or Bootsy Collins: the three C’s—kush, cognac, and cocaine

Prince: wine and coco puffs out of a mountain dew bong

Zep: anything, although the Houses of the Holy album calls for something heady like sour diesel, acid, or ketamine

*(but don’t really)

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