Taping Kendra by Zoey Cage

Erotica: TAPING KENDRA by Zoey Cage

Callie Reviews TAPING KENDRA: VOLUME 1 by Zoey Cage

TAPING KENDRA is Zoey Cage’s first release, and because we had followed each other on Twitter, I saw it the day she posted it, so I looked it up. She was already going to write a review of my new one, THE CHAMBER-POT PRINCE, so I decided to give it a look!

She didn’t provide me with a copy because I am on a Kindle Unlimited trial (I don’t have an actual Kindle right now, just readers on various different computers and tablets) and I didn’t ask! so I just borrowed it. I figured she’ll get the money for me reading it, and if I didn’t buy it, she’s still ahead. Well, I’ve read it now. I plan to buy it, and I think I will probably buy all of the installments she writes until it’s over.

The characters are interesting and realistic, which is no small feat considering the subject matter (it’s a PI kind of story, but not so much of the P 🙂 ).  Damian is just nerdy and quirky enough to be adorable and appealing rather than creepy or weird, which he would have been in the hands of a lesser writer. He’s the point of view character and Zoey captures his voice and emotions just as well as she captures his arousal, which is almost constant and both exciting and amusing.

Kendra is more of an enigma, but she’s a sexy one, and I think we’re going to figure her out by the time it’s over. That’s saying something too, because I already trust Zoey is more than up to the task. We definitely get just enough insight about Kendra to be intrigued, and she’s enough of a tease that I ended up feeling almost the same way Damien did at the end of part 1!

The plotting is well done and develops a tiny bit unnaturally, which honestly is the only reason any story is interesting, isn’t it? If you can always expect what comes next, why read a book? It’s not unnatural in the sense of taking you out of the immersion, just enough to hook you. At least it hooked me!

And of course, it is smoking hot sexy. It’s a slow-burner in the best sense of the word. By the time part 1 ends, the grill is ready to start cooking.

If you don’t like PI stories, stay away from this one. If you enjoy PI stories (I love them…they’re so so naughty), don’t miss this one! Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Taping-Kendra-Volume-Zoey-Cage-ebook/dp/B0130RFT4G/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

And now that she and I are friends, maybe I can twist her arm and get a guest blog out of her someday 🙂

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