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Three Smutpunk Masterpieces — Reviews

Mini-Reviews of Three Smutpunk Works of Genius

Mini-reviews of three Smutpunk works of beauty that are overflowing with atmosphere, story, unexpected sex, and damn good writing. Featuring Made in DNA, Moctezuma Johnson, and Kella Z. Driel.

Bukkake Brawl

by Made in DNA


The world of Bukkake Brawl is as brutal, dystopian, and interesting as anyone could ask for, and Mei, the hero of the titular piece, is one kick-ass protagonist. The plot is intricate because of the well-devloped characters and their shady motives. The pacing is breakneck and perfect for this high-energy, high-excitement story. Bukkake Brawl is the perfect Smutpunk mix of sex, violence, and subversion, and I recommend it as highly as I possibly can.



The Nose: The Secret to Everlasting Love

by Moctezuma Johnson


An over the top read with frantic, fantastic, unorthodox sex and a perspective twist that most would be afraid to try to write? Just the latest MJ title. Get used to brilliance. Moctezuma “Jizz Sharing Poem” Johnson is a synonym for ‘literate transgressive sexual genius.’ You’ll never go wrong reading one of his books.


Bunker 69: Futas on Female: Atomic Erotica and Post-Apocalyptic Blues

By Kella Z. Driel


What a great read! The writing was top notch craftsmanship, the characters were interesting and believable given the circumstances, and the world-building was excellent. Kella tweeted this as a Smutpunk tale and I agree completely. It rocks. Check it out! I am definitely going to be devouring Kella’s futa stories.

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