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Callie Press to Erase Youtube

Smutpunk Hack Vows To Erase YouTube

December 27—Callie Press, writer and Queen of the sub(-sub)genre Smutpunk, has vowed to erase YouTube when she hits 10 billion subscribers.

However, some have called this a shameless copycatting of Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is a bizarrely watchable and successful YouTuber, who recently did a similarly shameless, promotional lie that he would delete his channel upon reaching 50 million subscribers. He in fact deleted some second channel and called it ‘a joke.’ At press time, he had well over 51 million subscribers.

Press declared,  “I will erase everything I have ever put on YouTube when I hit 10 billion subscribers. You may think we’ll never see that kind of population, but most of us will be alive to see it. By then I should be comfortably ruling this little blue marble, so I will erase every video ever. Unless I want to just erase all of your memories of the concept of ‘video’ or ‘seeing’ and watch how you all bumble and stumble about. I don’t know, something big will happen, that’s good enough for you. Where are my fiddlers? God dammit, subscribe to my Youtube channel.”

Press just made her YouTube channel and a few amateurish book trailers, which she claims is ‘style.’  You can find it by clicking this link.

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