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Monday Funny

So this just happened. Guys, know your limits, ok? That’s all I’m saying. Don’t fuck with me, I’m a writer, I lie for a living.

Bad start. No shoulda been the end of it.
So when he pushed it, I felt a little salty
monday funny image chat
Yeah pretty sure this is the image for this post. Yep.
I wish I had a better way of doing this than screenshots cropped down, but it is what it is.
Typed and waited.
Typed and waited.
Clicked his name to bring up his page for a screen shot while I waited.
This one instantly brought the little ‘i’m typing’ bubble and made me laugh out loud at myself
Suspected that screen grab would come in handy, LOL
I was getting bored, though now I wish I had kept going,
The gotcha! because I don’t think he was bright enough to see it coming and I was really bored with him.
And this is when I clicked to make him go away.


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