you will laugh god dammit

Now god dammit you gorgeous intelligent idiots

I am not going to rest until every eye on the planet has seen this! I dare you to watch it all without laughing!

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4 thoughts on “Now god dammit you gorgeous intelligent idiots”

  1. Total giggle-puss right now!
    My fav parts:
    -the close-up shot of his hands
    -old-timely-reporter” tone of voice from those men
    -“pretty soon I began squeezin’ em…”
    -he played Yankee Doodle Dandy with his hands for “3 whole years”

    1. LOL isn’t it the best? lol, his whole tale is riveting (I love when he just says random things that don’t go anywhere, or just sticks a strange word in lol)

      1. Say, Ms. Press, tell our audience, when did you discover the aMAzing genre of fart hand music? (I sounded like above the interviewer when I asked that, aka The Penguin, aka any circus barker)

        1. Well, I’ll tell ya. It was a February in twenty-ought and one, and I forgot my mittens, see? And then sure as shootin’ I run across old MJ and he says, he says to me Callie he says, I heard tell you could make some fart sounds with your hands, and I says well I’ll try. So then I found this newsreel and everyone says to me Callie, how’s it that you, and then I went why sure, this is fart hand music if ever there was one. And so there ya go. *makes fart hand music noise*

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