death penalty

Death Penalty

A Thought on the Death Penalty

I think people who strongly believe in the death penalty are soft on crime.

Yes, I wrote what you thought I wrote. No, I didn’t mean it differently. I think the death penalty is too merciful.

What are the arguments for it? That it makes us safer? That we can’t afford not to? That it deters others from doing the same crimes? That they have eternal punishment waiting? None of that even seems true, whether it’s provable or not.

As long as the birth rate is higher than the death rate, we’re growing more criminals than we could possibly kill, even if it is a deterrent. We’re never going to be safe and we never have been.

So what do you do with the rabid dogs, the broken things, the ones that really have no chance of redemption? The ones we can’t bring ourselves to forgive as a society? The knowing perpetrators of the most heinous acts?

I do think mercy killings have a proper place. Of Mice and Men, Old Yeller, you know. I don’t think that the worst human monsters deserve that kind of care. I also don’t like the idea that we’re not capable of doing better in the empathy department, but we’re really not that evolved yet, so I don’t beat myself up over it.

The ‘divine judgment’ argument is about the best of them, and it’s weak sauce. Send that serial killer or child molester on to meet his maker! I get it. And if that’s how it goes, I won’t shed a tear. But I don’t want to be complicit in the execution, because I don’t think they go on to a worse fate, and no one can prove that they do.

Put them in a box with no human contact beyond the minimum essentials required to keep them alive. Let them live in their own minds. Stop and think about how that would turn out after twenty years.

If there is an eternal punishment awaiting them, well, it isn’t like letting them live until they die naturally is going to make ‘forever’ any shorter. Let them actually serve as a deterrent by having a shitty rest of their lives, extended as long as we can affordably keep them alive. Who gives a shit? Suffer, you assholes.

You death penalty types are way too fucking liberal for me.


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  1. Removing guns will make America safer, like people are in other countries. I felt so much safer in Asia and I’m pretty comfy in the streets of NYC and such. That’s my liberal take. Once these current clowns get sworn in and thrown out we will really go to work.

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