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Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day

Inauguration day is usually more important than other days to some people. I don’t like to get involved in politics, at least not the discussions online. But like any thinking person, I believe we should pay attention to the forces that influence everything in our lives, and politics is the biggest.

As a species, we’ve always struggled because of our big brains. We know we can do better than the animal options nature offers, but we’re not always capable of it. We can’t seem to find a third option to fight or flight without realizing, deep down inside, that the best we can do is to give the illusion of doing better. This is a root of all our problems.

Civilization can only exploit and harness our natures, because the goal of civilization is to oppose those base instincts and replace them with something better.

I’ve never been fully convinced that there is anything better.

I try to believe it. I want to believe it, at least when those base instincts aren’t more fun. It’s nice to imagine a utopia where everyone is kind and thoughtful and considerate and loving and helpful and cooperative and everything we do is for the betterment of mankind and our ecologies and our offspring.

And I try to convince myself by thinking about the fact that we’ve only been here for a few hundred thousand years. We may have plenty of time.

Not a very convincing argument, is it?

And would it be better if we did or didn’t?

It’s so much better to be Queen Kegel. The perspectives of eternity make every moment of time enough. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just try to get a bigger perspective.

We may get through the next four years without catastrophe. And it’s easy to argue that our leaders don’t have nearly as much to do with the catastrophes that do befall us as perhaps they get blamed for. There’s some truth in that, I think. Bullshit and chaos are built into the system, and I don’t mean politics, I mean the universe. I don’t think this is going to be very smooth or good for most people. But what is?

So on an Inauguration Day like this, I like to remember the most important thing of all:

At least I’m not bored.

I always hope that new regimes serve the people well, regardless of the leader’s intentions. None of them get there, in the end, believing that they are there to serve the populace.

And don’t you ever give any of them that much credit.

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