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Should We Legalize It?

Legalize It or Not?

Some people think we should legalize it (I’m not going to say what ‘it’ is—it doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is), and some people think it should be illegal. I used to be very much in the legalize it camp, but the more I think about it, the less I agree. I don’t think it should be legalized. Come along, I have some entry-level smutpunk philosophizing for ya.

Why Not Legalize It?

Let’s think about this a bit. What are the underlying assumptions to the legalize it concept?

The “Legalizing” Part

A law allowing something means it is otherwise not allowed. Since they may or may not allow it to be legal, one must assume that it is something that common social morality agrees is to be disallowed.

Murder and theft, basically, are all this amounts to. The things that no one wants to have to be afraid of. The whole point of living in a civilization, for the majority of the little worker drones, is the strength in numbers to resist these chaotic intrusions into our peace of mind during the daily trudge toward inevitable death.

Be empathetic. Do unto others. Walk a mile in their moccasins.

Living in a civilization means that most produce, and few rule. Argue all you want, but it comes down to that, no matter how much we may rail against the system (and I’ve not yet begun to rail).

So once they go beyond restrictions on murder and theft and the most basic human empathy, such as rape and slavery, if you ask me—it’s all negotiable, and should not be subject to ‘laws.’

It’s your choice, smutpunk. You decide. Don’t kill, don’t steal, empathize. Beyond that, obey your conscience and nothing else. Own your own life.

Legalize It? Like Slavery Was Legalized?

Prohibitions on theft have included real winners like adultery laws and legalizing slavery. These are chattel laws where some people are considered lesser than others. You can’t fuck his wife or daughter because he owns those women, and that’s a form of theft. He can own this vanquished foe or that purchased different person, because it’s his right. The law says so.

Fuck laws. They can always be wrong, even if the hearts behind them are in the right place. Stealing is wrong, but adultery is a question of empathy, not ownership. (Why the fuck were you still married? Because the law said you have to be? Laws like that don’t deserve to be obeyed. I’ll fuck who I want. And I’ll do it with a clean conscience because I’m empathetic with my husband. We’re a team. He understands me and I understand him. You don’t have to understand us. Even more, you certainly don’t deserve an opinion on it, so keep your laws the fuck out of it.)

Most couples don’t understand things like that because the laws have conditioned everyone to know what’s theirs and what’s not. MINE. That’s the root of all law, isn’t it? Good and bad laws alike.

Deciding which nouns and verbs can belong to whom.

The Role of Laws in Legalizing It

I’m ok with ‘good’ laws, right? Who isn’t? Everybody wants to know that if someone harms or steals your child, you’ll have society’s backing to obtain redress. We want to know that we’re not likely to go through such a situation. It’s unthinkable, because all of society opposes it. Because everything reinforces condemning such atrocities. Because in ‘our world’—at least theoretically—our culture ensures that those who disobey that law, that restriction on their behavior, those verbs that are not allowed to verb to those nouns, will suffer harsh consequences.

Things like that, which most people agree to, are good laws, at least as good as laws can get.

We need to feel like we’re doing the right monkey-things that monkey-things must do so the other money-things don’t kill us. It’s comforting. Not just in our thoughts, which may or may not be simple chemical reactions or touched with something greater, but physiologically, so that we know these behaviors are chemically built-in on some level. Universals, which are simply interpreted through culture.


Somehow, now, we have laws that you can’t use certain substances which do nothing. Nothing except make you feel happy, maybe spark your appetite for food or sex or both, and either wake your mind a bit and get your head thinking deep, profound, and stupid thoughts, or make you numb until you fall asleep peacefully, depending on which strain we’re talking about.

Society has decided that this is something monkey-things can’t do to themselves.

Wow, did we lose something precious! Take it back, if you can. Remember that you own you. It won’t be popular, but it will be satisfying in its own unique way. It’s why we have these big brains in the first place, if there’s any reason at all. And maybe there isn’t. But wouldn’t you prefer to be allowed to wonder about it?


When They Legalize It

I’m as afraid of jail as most people, so I don’t do illegal drugs. I say this honestly after having found a convoluted path of twisted logic, deep within my own delusional mind, to convince myself it is true enough to put in writing.

But considering my recent health, I don’t need to. I can eat vicodins like House M.D. if I want and it’s all on the up-and-up. I don’t, because opiate addiction is no joke, and it’s getting worse all the time. But I have to suffer to pace myself. Chronic pain sufferers know what I’m talking about. So do junkies.

It’s an act of willpower to control legal drugs, at least as much of a struggle as the illegal ones. Hell, most of them are the same thing anyway!

But it’s actually a struggle to not let them kill you in that way. Prescription opioids are no better and not much different than heroin, they just won’t toss you in jail for the legal poppy product.

When I say don’t let them kill you in that way, I don’t just mean the drugs. Not that that’s wrong, it’s quite right; the drugs will kill you, for sure, if you let them. But my antecedent was dual, and thus unclear in that sentence, on purpose, to carry your thoughts along with mine, and so I could make this point as well as that.  No, I meant the other ‘them,’ too.

The owners.

If it were legalized, I could do like I did as a kid and be much better off. In my home state I could. I could get a card, since I have a legitimate diagnosis, and go buy it from an authorized dispensary, and smoke my little heart out. I would totally be able to kick vicodin to the curb damn near cold turkey, with side effects I could minimize by smoking some more.

And I’d also be admitting that they have the right to tell me what I can and can not do with my own body, presumably because I am their chattel. I’d apply for the card, and let them choose if I am one of their monkey-things that gets to dine at the special trough because, in their superior wisdom, they have decided that their monkey-things don’t get to get high. Not without jumping through the proper hoops and making sure the right money changes hands behind the scenes.

You know what? Fuck legalization up its asshole with a rusty old clothes hangar. They never had the right to take it away in the first place. They know it, too—and they will legalize it.

Why Will They Legalize It?

If they legalize it, they know they will pacify those who are up-in-arms about the prohibition. It took decades, but evidence got out instead of just propaganda, so public opinion is finally swinging toward sensibility in light of the truth.

They don’t care about that, necessarily. Public opinion puts them on a clock, though. Only public opinion can cause any kind of revolution, and they watch those clocks. So like the last prohibition (only better, since they’ve done this before), they will make sure that they profit from all of it.

They will. Not you. Not most of you. Not most of us.

I was paying $16 a quarter for the best hydro of the day when George H.W. Bush was president, back when I was a kid. What’s it go for at a dispensary these days, does anyone know?

Funny how our streets are now flooded with opiates as we occupy the largest producer of poppies in the world. I believe in coincidence, but the rationalizations insult my intelligence, and they should insult yours as well.

They’ll legalize it. And they’ll skim off every related transaction, by tax or by regulation or by penalty, because that’s all any of this shit is about for them. The drug-war machine is profitable and self-sustaining, so this shift in popular opinion will just make them write more laws to supersede the original laws and add new layers of profitable hoops they’ll make us jump through—in order for us to do something we’ve always had a right to do in the first place.

It should not be legalized. It should never have been illegal, and it should never have been something they were even permitted to address with laws.

What they should do is completely decriminalize it. Back the fuck off and let people be free to make their own choices.

They won’t, not soon, so you have to do what you choose despite the incessant training and pressure society brings to bear. “And thou harm none, do as thou wilt” is a pretty good motto, once you strip away the other baggage associated with it.

That’s the smutpunk way, according to me. The Queen of Smutpunk.

So What Is There To Do As They Legalize It?

A few things.

  • Stay out of jail. Do whatever you truly believe is warranted in that regard.
  • Do what you want regarding its usage.
  • Do it legally if you can and you want to. There will be many hoops for you to jump through, but your fear will be lessened.
  • As soon as it’s legalized where you live, buy some seeds and grow your own. Again, do it legally if you want to.
  • Scatter seeds at random whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.
  • If you don’t want to jump through their hoops, don’t jump through their hoops. No matter what you do.
  • Think critically. Examine what you believe and let yourself understand that you can change what you believe.
  • Look behind the curtain. Do something to help someone else see behind the curtain. Just don’t be an idiotic conspiracy theorist—use your brain and trust no questionable sources. Science is good for us, when it’s done right.


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