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Welcome to my naughty thoughts!

My Own Naughty Thoughts Blog

Hi there everyone…I’m Callie. You may guess this is a pen name. Well, you would guess half right, because my last name isn’t Press. What’s ironic about that, is that I didn’t even put it together with “Press” meaning “printing press” or “publishing house” until like two weeks ago (it’s true, and I’m not typically dense unless I want to be). But my name really is Callie.

For a while I wrote a lot of naughty stories that got turned into readings, so writing from that point of view comes naturally. But what I’m doing here so far isn’t that, so much as just trying to do it for myself and some friends of mine! If I have different ‘voices’ in the different stuff I’ll have on Amazon, that’s because I don’t write it all, at least not yet. Everyone has said it’s having a catalog that makes all the difference, so I thought, how do I do that quick? Because most of my writing was already sold by then.

So I thought, I’ll just interview Yvette and write it down, and see if Art has anything he hasn’t managed to place yet, and similar things about a couple of my other friends. (The one who actually wrote the Dominating Donna book has me sworn to secrecy beyond anything that’s reasonable, I can’t even reveal gender.)

After you’ve been writing this kind of material for years, you come into contact with people that you can open up to in ways that doesn’t happen in ‘real life’ very often, if you know what I mean. We have this job in common of sharing the most private, explicit details in most people’s lives. It is amazingly easy to go from talking about a story to talking about a fantasy to talking about your significant other’s package, all in 3d, cinematic fuck-o-vision. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s what we do, you know? So Callie Press is all me, since even when I don’t write it I edit it or fix it up or do something with it. But some of the stuff will come from another writer to start with. Everything so far has…I haven’t even gotten started yet!

My significant other’s package is very nice, by the way, and no I’m not looking or available ‘in real life.’ And definitely not unless there’s a hell of a story in it for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

But if I’m gonna get this way in my first-ever blog post, I might as well do it working on that catalog. So maybe I’ll just start one that way. What do you think? Would you read a book that starts off with me describing my significant other’s man-parts? What should I name the book? I’ll let a vote decide! Tell me in the comments!



P.S. I don’t write blogs the same way as I write words for sale…this is more or less just me talking. If I can ever afford that Dragon program, they will actually BE me talking ๐Ÿ™‚

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