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Next Dimension?

What is a paradox? It’s when something is one thing and not its opposite, and yet is also its opposite. It’s moving in x or y, and not both, and yet it is moving in both. When two opposing conditions exist simultaneously.

It’s a two dimensional condition. 8½x11. Length, width. Up, down. No mixing and matching, those are the rules. And yet a paradox doesn’t give a shit and does it anyhow.

And it never seems strange in three-dimensional conditions. From the Z axis, you can see that dot moving in both x and y axes is just drawing an angle, and wasn’t impossible by any means. You just didn’t see enough of the picture to understand it because from your perspective, it couldn’t be explained. You just knew something was off.

To the animal living on all fours, its consciousness no more evolved than that, to suddenly stand upright for the first time opens the mind to the Z dimension, a revelation: up and down coexist with the X and Y axes. It’s no longer an intuition of how movement has variations in the same way that nothing can ever be infinitely thin even though “Height” was sensed more than known; now it is known. It is comprehensible, this new dimension. We finally truly understood, in our X-Y axis world, uneven surfaces which seemed a natural function of something we thought we truly understood in X-Y terms, 2 dimensional terms, that ‘width’ was always an element of our existence in those two dimensions even though we didn’t comprehend it intellectually.

Paradox is the intersection between another dimension, I think. We can’t comprehend it, but yet it exists. A tesseract, of which we comprehend only the shadow.

The next dimension, what did we realize? As upright apes, after we understood how we moved through three dimensions, we intuited a fourth. And what was that? We realized cause always comes before effect. We might quibble at the truth of that on various levels, but that’s what’s driven everything about us as an upright (arguably synonymous with ‘intelligent’) species. Time, the fourth dimension.

And now that we’ve got time sort of broken down, what’s next? What’s the paradox of our current 4th dimensional species? I think it’s consciousness. We intuit something about ourselves that we can’t scientifically explain very well—we can describe what we observe and we can observe fairly well in our four dimensions, but we know there are paradoxes in consciousness. This is my clue. This is what I think based on my imagination experiments in understanding other humans, in empathizing, in learning “Character” so that I can intuit “characterization” without giving it much “thought.” I can just feel when it works and when it doesn’t. Because I can understand that you can love someone and hate them at the same time, and it is a paradox, but it’s fine, it works, that’s part of our existence as…well…at least 5th dimensional creatures. Love and Hate have a Z axis, and I suspect that’s what we now think of as ‘consciousness,’ the thing that makes us different from many other animals, as we see it, from these four dimensions. We can’t understand it…until we can understand it.

Just something I was thinking about.

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