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I Got Your Participation Trophy Right Here

Musing on the Participation Trophy

It all started with this Facebook post about the ‘participation trophy’ memes I keep seeing.

Oh wait, no I didn’t. It all started when someone got a hair up their ass sideways about the “self-esteem movement” being responsible for people disagreeing with their political positions and demanding their rights be respected.

That “self-esteem movement” happened back around the 1970s. Having lived through all that shit — the free to be you and me, you should feel good about yourself just because you are you, “participation trophies” shit — I understand the flaws that lead people to criticize it. And I fully agree that some people have extremely too much self-esteem.

But if you think that came from this self-esteem movement, you’re being kind of stupid. Let’s think about this for a moment.

Most of you judging modern-day liberals as delusional because of participation trophies either weren’t around for it, or you received your own share of participation trophies because nobody’s good at everything, or (as stated in the post I made above) were the parents of those participation trophy recipients and didn’t want their special little snowflake to grow up thinking that they were just another number like you realized you were. Even though you knew they were going to be.

Not pictured: Your Child

If, like me, you lived through it, and got your ‘participation ribbon’ for shot-putting even though you could barely lift the 8-pound shotput, there are two possibilities. One: you knew the participation reward meant absolutely nothing, you knew you lost, and it just shamed you to receive it. Two: you were a stupid child. You thought that either your participation trophy was equally valuable with the first place trophy, or you thought that your single first-place trophy was equally valuable with the participation trophies everyone else got.

So if you’re one of those people who still think that participation rewards caused anything significant to change in people’s thinking, I’m pretty sure that you still think like the stupid child you used to be.

Self-esteem comes from your self. Not from a fucking ribbon or trophy that you didn’t earn. And guess what, cupcakes? The smart kids always knew that.

Let’s try and do better. Okay?

And you know what? This is going to be continued tomorrow, because it’s indicative of a bigger problem.




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