sexy haikus #1 by callie press

Twitter Sexy Haikus #1

My Twitter Sexy Haikus #1


So I get these haiku moods where I tend to think that way. Last week or weekend I had that happen and I just threw the raw versions out to twitter. I’ve touched a couple of these up but not much.

This is going to happen here from time to time, so I hope you’ll let me know what you think 🙂


never enough cock / my body explodes for it / i’ll always want more

No lie…

pin my knees with yours / make me helpless with your weight / please show me who’s boss

school girl skirt? OK / know it will cost you tonight / i’ll need a spanking

beauty is skin deep / but ugly is to the bone / you never heard that?

Seriously, you haven’t?

‘pussy ass cracker’ / could mean fucking anything / if you stress it right

Saw someone call someone that on twitter and couldn’t parse it the first time. Pussy-ass cracker? PUSSY ass-cracker? Pussyass CRACKER? Pussy ASSCRACK-er?

men with wet bulges / half mast from the cool ocean / mmm, I love August

I like this one a lot.

he called me ‘troia’ / knowing i understood him / pigs must be cool there

My sense of humor, if you don’t get it, don’t sweat it.

inevitably / the bullshit will all be done / then we can just fuck

I thought that one was almost romantic!

twitter animals / beavers and big fat roosters / needy little pets

The one that got me started, watching pussies and hardons scroll past on my tweetdeck feed…


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