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Stream of consciousness

Stream of Consciousness Rambling

I have no idea why I’m writing this, I was thinking earlier about how conservative minded people kind of have a framework in their head and that filter comes first, like every idea can fit in one little box or another in their head…boxes that are already sized and shaped by their importance and their weight of importance and their significance in their life, and the new ideas come bouncing down this little plinko board, and when it goes into a slot it fits loosely or maybe it doesn’t fit well but the group is close so they have to force it to fit into the best appropriate slot, while I was also thinking if there’s any limit to how long a sentence can be if there’s a rhythm to it; and thinking, that kind of pre-filter is different from the other kind of pre-filter, which is more how liberal minded people have no framework until the idea comes in, and then every idea that comes bouncing down doesn’t bounce off a frame like in the other, but rather that mindset can’t adjust the pre-existing frame, but has to try to create a framework around the idea, but quickly before the next one, so in the end neither one having more or less assets but rather using them differently, and then one has to think that surely there is some shifting, some fixation over time, which then makes me think it can’t be a fixity in the conservative thought but rather a fixity in the conservative ability to force ideas into their nearest proper slot and a fixity in the sorts of frameworks a liberal mind can construct to contain ideas, and yet time seems to favor one or the other in a given mind so what happens when a mind shifts from conservative to liberal or vice-versa on a given concept, how does the fixed become fluid, how does the fluid become fixed, and if the timing of the writing is right then maybe the timing of the reading will be right and so there is no end to a sentence ever if one can keep the wave motion going and flowing and running out of breath right now I know but that’s why I’m going to stop here.

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  1. Tags: big fat juicy spurting cocks on every KINDLE book, lol.
    Not so legally stoned I’ll bet, but who am I to judge? I like the idea that the liberal minded fuckers have the idea form all oblong and mishapen and then have to find a pretty-patterned framework to stuff the yeasty fucker into. Agreed. I’m thinking of Italo Calvino, my favorite, who said in his lecturinis that he would use just about anything to organize his books: tarot cards, children’s toys, fallen pine needles on the road. I made the last two up because my memory is a bit flaky on what he actually said, but I’m absolutely 100% plus a little sure that he used tarot cards for, I think, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler. That may be the best book written in the last 100 years, so there’s that. I was going to say something else, but I forgot. Coffee please! Espresso, that is.

    1. I’ll never tell! (until they legalize it lol) I’m not even sure about any of what I wrote there, but I think the whole difference is something to do with how we go about filtering input

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