Sublime Sorcerous Spellcasting

By the Whorey Whores of Whoredom! A Sublime Spellcasting Simulation of Sorcerous Supremacy!

I had to have a little medical procedure the other day which, again, slowed to a halt my progress on Trailer Trash Tales (coming any day now, once the percocet is gone!). I have been spending my time reading Dr. Strange on Marvel Unlimited from the very beginning in Strange Tales. I had to wonder how spellcasting works.

Guess what? I figured out how Mystic Sorcery works. Yeah, I blame the percocet. But it was all right there in front of our faces all along! I’ve made a game out of it. I guess if you wanted to make characters it could be a pen and paper RPG, but then again you could just doodle a character with a crazy outfit and use that.

Here’s how the game works. Using a lot of exclamations and adjectives, players tell the story as it is happening in their characters’ own voices. “By the Silvery Sperm of Satan, I am being driven mad by this accursed doll which appeared in my bathroom!” is an example of how things happen. You can do like Steven and recap for people what’s happened to explain why it’s going on now: “Surely this damnable doll is the doing of Damien Delacroix, the doomed doctor of Dentistry whom I exiled to Fake Egypt in the Spiritual Past Dimension!”

Other players can oppose you or someone can be like a game master.

All the crap you spew thusly IS THE MAGIC ITSELF. This is how Dr. Strange actually works. Magic is just words he speaks as a player, see?

So when you have a magic battle, you just score up your points, and the higher score wins. House rule as desired. Sit around with a bottle of wine and play a few rounds, it’s fun!

Oh, here’s the point scoring I have as of right now, so you can play at home.

Buildup to a spell:

Reiterating the recent story: +1-+3 (per long sentence or short paragraph)
Excessively Elaborate wording of current activity: +1
Extra Adjectives used to describe a specific item: +1 per (max 4 per item)

Make boastful threats to the enemy’s face: +1

Excessive braggadocio and/or declaring your own name and titles as a reason something will succeed or fail: +1

Casting a spell:

Alliterations: +1 per word (cumulative)
Naming/citing/invoking an item or character: +2
Invoking a god-level power: additional +1
Exclaiming “(Something) of (something)!”: +1
Exclaiming “By the”: +1
(added to the buildup accumulated; compare scores; high score wins!)


Comment away, let me know what you think!

Oh, and watch for Erotic Pulp #2 in the next month or so, because if you think I read entirely at random, y’all don’t get me yet 🙂



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