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The 27 Club and related bullshit

The 27 club and related bullshit

I really should be finishing Butterface right now. But in the course of my natural distractions I came across an article on the 27 club in Wikipedia which really aggravated the living shit out of me. Too short to tweet, to annoying to bother with Facebook, I decided that I would just vent on a blog on my website because after all that’s what it’s for, right?

(By the way I have Facebook yes, I’ll link to it right here when I’m done venting this article into text.)

So here’s the rub about that stupid Wikipedia entry: they strongly imply that when Kurt Cobain died, his mother’s comments about “I told him not to join that stupid club” are the reason that people think of it as a club in the first place. Yes, they imply that prior to Kurt, there was no “club” in the mindset of people at large.


The problem is that scholars fell down on the job in this area of reality in the 70s and 80s. Since there’s no scholarly source demonstrating that people thought of the mass deaths of rock stars at the age of 27 as a “club,” younger scholars (or older scholars who were out of touch through the entire period) make the stupid assumption that it didn’t happen until it was recorded somewhere. Thus Kurt’s mom.

And the other problem is that someone like me saying it, and/or writing it, will be dismissed as anecdotal evidence. Hubby is a scientist, I’m not, so he’s the one who was telling me how this would work because I thought, “I’ll just write the truth and then it will be a source and then people can know that we all knew there was a 27 club as far back as the late 70s” which is when my sisters told me about it. Apparently not, unless a bunch of people testify to the same experience, because the people who document these things weren’t there for themselves, I guess.

So here’s what I would like you to do. If you’re old enough to remember rock ‘n roll music before Nirvana, and you (like everybody else) knew all about the 27 club, even if it was just Jimi and Janis and Jim to you, pipe up here. Comment on this, share this, spread this around and back me up! Because when it comes to social truths and cultural things like the 27 club in people’s consciousness, when we all admit it, it goes from anecdote to evidence. I fucking hope.

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6 thoughts on “The 27 Club and related bullshit”

        1. That’s probably true, but on wikipedia it’s no excuse, someone should call them on it 🙂 And I’m not gonna be a wikipedia editor, I have enough editing to do without editing editors! LOL

  1. I remember it, yes. I guess I’m old too, ladies. In fact, we had a 27 playlist in my bar that featured music from the Doors and Janis Joplin because so many customers/alcoholics could relate to it.

    I’d say there’s a 24 club in modern music, especially hip-hop. That’s my two four cents.

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