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Look at my tits on #tittietuesday

#tittietuesday is a real hashtag! I shouldn’t do this, but I finally got some high quality images to share so…come see my tits! Continue reading Look at my tits on #tittietuesday

Thoughts congealing

Callie’s Thoughts Congealing

Yeah yeah SEO ‘thoughts congealing’ in the first sentence. Here’s a few that are peeling off my gray matter and won’t let me sleep, again, for what…three nights now mostly.

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A Little-Known Secret

Wherein Callie Tells A Secret

I do have a secret to tell you, though I haven’t intentionally kept it a secret. It’s kind of become one, though, so I thought I should mention it here. This way, I put the information out there just in case anyone wants to know about it sometime.

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What is smutpunk again?

What is smutpunk?


Everybody asks, ‘What is smutpunk?’ and even with the info available, people are still asking it. Here are a few more little
soundbyte idea nuggets to help explain.

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Callie’s First Dip Into the Mailbag

Like Santa’s Mailbag, Only Different

In the spirit of the Holidays, I got my mailbag and decided to answer some of my many correspondents! Sadly, they’re all spammers, so it’s more self-indulgent than I’d like. But if I’m having fun, what else matters, right?

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Redneck by Jordan Silver: Review and Rant

Redneck by Jordan Silver: Review and Rant

Apparently this book has raised a stink in the erotica community and offended many readers, so naturally I had to read it. I downloaded it on Kindle Unlimited the night that it was removed, so I didn’t read the T-Bone: Redneck re-upload (if re-upload it indeed was, which I presume to be identical. I can’t find it on Amazon now whatsoever, so if anyone has the active link to purchase it, please let me know via email , Twitter, or Facebook—I saw a link but it’s been a few days, and I will update this).

Warning: This is going to be a long post.

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This damn website

This Damn Website

I’m really tired of the look of this website. I think I either missed the boat with my notion of what people think ‘erotica’ is, or what an ‘erotic author platform’ is supposed to be, or perhaps I just outgrew my original vision of what I was going to be doing with all this self-publishing stuff. I haven’t cranked out tons of little wankfests, like I originally planned. I haven’t dumbed down my language much, like I originally planned. I certainly haven’t been formulaic, which has just as certainly hurt the growth of my audience. Smutpunk is erotic, but it’s usually not very close to romance. C’est la guerre.

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