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Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders

Rumination and Review: The Defenders, Season One

Well it felt like forever for this to arrive after waiting for it since shortly after Daredevil (although in ways I’ve been waiting since the 70s when I were but a wee ginger lass). I devoured it. Here’s what I think.

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Sublime Sorcerous Spellcasting

By the Whorey Whores of Whoredom! A Sublime Spellcasting Simulation of Sorcerous Supremacy!

I had to have a little medical procedure the other day which, again, slowed to a halt my progress on Trailer Trash Tales (coming any day now, once the percocet is gone!). I have been spending my time reading Dr. Strange on Marvel Unlimited from the very beginning in Strange Tales. I had to wonder how spellcasting works.

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