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Three Smutpunk Masterpieces — Reviews

Mini-Reviews of Three Smutpunk Works of Genius

Mini-reviews of three Smutpunk works of beauty that are overflowing with atmosphere, story, unexpected sex, and damn good writing. Featuring Made in DNA, Moctezuma Johnson, and Kella Z. Driel.

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More mini-reviews

Even More Mini-Reviews

Mini reviews are all I really have time for, but I don’t bother posting a review on my site unless I recommend that you read it. I am dreadfully far behind on writing reviews. I read a lot, but not all of what I read is relevant to smutpunk or erotica. My reviews always are, though, so check these out as soon as you can!

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Reviews: Erotica and Smutpunk Mini-reviews

More Mini-reviews by Callie

Hello, sexy readers! Mini-reviews are apparently becoming my only real means of keeping up. I actually do know how to properly review a book, I just haven’t had that kind of time and energy lately. It will happen again, someday. In the meantime, like last time, these are all 5-stars from me. I have another 5 to add and write, but I can’t sit on this one any longer, it’s been literally 3 months waiting for me to get them up already.

Anyhow, all of these are more recommended reads than real reviews, so go get them and dig in!

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More Blurby 5-Star Reviews

First, check out my guest blog on Moctezuma Johnson’s smutpunk website!

Now, I’m still recovering from an operation, so I’ve been reading, but not writing. So I decided, until I get around to putting the reviews on Amazon, to do another mini-review blog post. The blurbs are what matter the most anyhow, right? (I know, I know…)

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Erotica: Devil She Became by Autumn Raynne

Devil She Became is Autumn Raynne’s debut, but aside from its need for a bit of editing, it certainly does not come across as a “first novel.” The pacing is excellent, and exposition is handled well for the most part. The strongest part of Autumn’s writing is her characterization. Everyone in this book is complex without being unbelievable, and Harrison, “Barbie” (I can’t think of her otherwise at this point!), and Ava all have personal developments that are significant to the events that occur.

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Erotica: Poisonous Apples by Moctezuma Johnson

As much as I read, and as little as I review, you might think I’m showing favoritism by having a second review of a Moctezuma Johnson book. I’m not going to deny it; MJ is one of my favorite erotica writers, and I really think that people need to be more aware of him and his work. But since I’m planning to catch up on some reviews, I’m going to start with his, and since it’s my website, nothing has to be fair about it. Nyah.

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Erotica reviews, only not quite. Read these.

Erotica Reviews that aren’t reviews at all

I don’t have time to write all these reviews right now; I read a lot just to keep my head straight, but writing has been intense work for me lately. Not just my erotica writing either, some of you realize I write as a day job too. So when I can focus on erotica, I focus on erotica!

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Erotica: TAPING KENDRA by Zoey Cage

Callie Reviews TAPING KENDRA: VOLUME 1 by Zoey Cage

TAPING KENDRA is Zoey Cage’s first release, and because we had followed each other on Twitter, I saw it the day she posted it, so I looked it up. She was already going to write a review of my new one, THE CHAMBER-POT PRINCE, so I decided to give it a look!

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