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This damn website

This Damn Website

I’m really tired of the look of this website. I think I either missed the boat with my notion of what people think ‘erotica’ is, or what an ‘erotic author platform’ is supposed to be, or perhaps I just outgrew my original vision of what I was going to be doing with all this self-publishing stuff. I haven’t cranked out tons of little wankfests, like I originally planned. I haven’t dumbed down my language much, like I originally planned. I certainly haven’t been formulaic, which has just as certainly hurt the growth of my audience. Smutpunk is erotic, but it’s usually not very close to romance. C’est la guerre.

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You Don’t Need a Kindle to Read Me

Seriously, you can read Kindle mobi’s on anything, you don’t need to buy the actual Kindle. I’m always upset at how few people realize this!

But as a public service, here you go:

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Self-help non-fiction! Give Good Head

My latest is a work of non-fiction, a self-help book entitled Give Good Head. Here is the Amazon blurb:

In this short, non-fiction, self-help guide, Callie Press speaks to women honestly and openly about how to please a man. Light on technique but long on fundamentals, this book can teach anyone how to perform oral sex much more effectively. With a foreword by Moctezuma Johnson.

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Anybody remember ascii/ansi art?

Revision: Bad SEO on my ascii art article! OMG!

I think I’ll have fun with this! LOL.

Ascii art is probably about as old fashioned now as saying ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ but I’ll always have a soft spot for it 🙂 This is the cover image from the upcoming Give Good Head turned into ascii art by the software at http://asciiart.club/

I just thought it was cute and funny 🙂