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Dialogue, Part One

Dialogue, Part One (of God Who The Fuck Knows How Many Because People Rarely Get It)

Okay kids, let’s get real. Dialogue. Why is it so hard for so many people? Everybody talks, right? Everybody hears people talk, right? So why do the words on the page often feel wrong?

I think about this a lot because — not to brag, but dialogue comes naturally for me, and people notice, and mention it. Also, I have had to help a lot of writers fix dialogue issues. That’s because it’s a huge part of fiction, and in modern genre fiction, it can make or break you. Literary snobs have their own take on it, but genre fiction isn’t even “put up or shut up” anymore. It’s “put up or fall off the planet and sell nothing.”

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Self-Publishing Lessons Part 1: Grammar

New Feature for Self-Publishers—Lesson 1: Callie On Grammar

This is the start of a new blog category and series I’ll be writing in 2017 called Self-Publishing Lessons. The concept of this column is to do something constructive for the self-publishing community. Self-publishers need to appropriate traditional publishing’s few redeeming qualities, and that’s what everything here will be about. That’s what I know, so that’s all I can give. But it’s useful! We’re going to start by having a talk about grammar.

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