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Erotica: Poisonous Apples by Moctezuma Johnson

As much as I read, and as little as I review, you might think I’m showing favoritism by having a second review of a Moctezuma Johnson book. I’m not going to deny it; MJ is one of my favorite erotica writers, and I really think that people need to be more aware of him and his work. But since I’m planning to catch up on some reviews, I’m going to start with his, and since it’s my website, nothing has to be fair about it. Nyah.

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Twitter Sexy Haikus #1

My Twitter Sexy Haikus #1


So I get these haiku moods where I tend to think that way. Last week or weekend I had that happen and I just threw the raw versions out to twitter. I’ve touched a couple of these up but not much.

This is going to happen here from time to time, so I hope you’ll let me know what you think 🙂

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