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What To Write About

I’ll Write What I Want

I go out of my way not to argue on social media. It’s usually a pointless waste of time. But if you try to tell me what I can write about, I’m going to flag you with my freedom card.

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Funk Mondays! Another #smutpunk #musicmonday

Funk Mondays!

On this #musicmonday we are going back into the proto-smutpunk roots of sexy genre-mashing awesomeness. If you know the Queen of Funk, good for you! If not, prepare to be bitchslapped with pure artistic awesomeness in the best whole-woman kind of way.

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Riffed! Duck and Cover

Riffed! Duck and Cover!

Did you miss it when it went live? Check out the first ever smutpunk riffing video! Like Mystery Science Theater, or Rifftrax, only my clumsy skills did the production. Enjoy! Continue reading Riffed! Duck and Cover

Ed Wood: Smutpunk Icon

Ed Wood: Smutpunk Icon

Ed Wood is a Smutpunk icon for many reasons, so let’s start with the best of them. He was persistent (except when he wasn’t, because of his addictions, with which I can relate).

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