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What To Write About

I’ll Write What I Want

I go out of my way not to argue on social media. It’s usually a pointless waste of time. But if you try to tell me what I can write about, I’m going to flag you with my freedom card.

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Ed Wood: Smutpunk Icon

Ed Wood: Smutpunk Icon

Ed Wood is a Smutpunk icon for many reasons, so let’s start with the best of them. He was persistent (except when he wasn’t, because of his addictions, with which I can relate).

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Youtube Video for Erotic Pulp Volume 3

Yep, new release! I’m getting a bit better at making videos. I like this one!

Well, it got yanked because I guess someone didn’t like the bikini girl intermission. Or because I said someone died, or because I said ‘fucking parrot.’ So here’s a ‘safe’ one, and to whomever got their knickers in a knot over it, you must be one sheltered little cunt. I hope you get paralyzed from the neck down.

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Thoughts congealing

Callie’s Thoughts Congealing

Yeah yeah SEO ‘thoughts congealing’ in the first sentence. Here’s a few that are peeling off my gray matter and won’t let me sleep, again, for what…three nights now mostly.

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A Little-Known Secret

Wherein Callie Tells A Secret

I do have a secret to tell you, though I haven’t intentionally kept it a secret. It’s kind of become one, though, so I thought I should mention it here. This way, I put the information out there just in case anyone wants to know about it sometime.

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