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Dialogue, Part One

Dialogue, Part One (of God Who The Fuck Knows How Many Because People Rarely Get It)

Okay kids, let’s get real. Dialogue. Why is it so hard for so many people? Everybody talks, right? Everybody hears people talk, right? So why do the words on the page often feel wrong?

I think about this a lot because — not to brag, but dialogue comes naturally for me, and people notice, and mention it. Also, I have had to help a lot of writers fix dialogue issues. That’s because it’s a huge part of fiction, and in modern genre fiction, it can make or break you. Literary snobs have their own take on it, but genre fiction isn’t even “put up or shut up” anymore. It’s “put up or fall off the planet and sell nothing.”

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Self-Publishing Lessons Part 2: How to Use a Fucking Comma

Cut Your Editor’s Stress: How to Use a FUCKING COMMA

I didn’t say this originally, but let’s start at the very beginning; a very good place to start. If that takes you back to your grammar school days…all the better. Do yourself and your editor a favor, and think about your comma usage with me.

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Sublime Sorcerous Spellcasting

By the Whorey Whores of Whoredom! A Sublime Spellcasting Simulation of Sorcerous Supremacy!

I had to have a little medical procedure the other day which, again, slowed to a halt my progress on Trailer Trash Tales (coming any day now, once the percocet is gone!). I have been spending my time reading Dr. Strange on Marvel Unlimited from the very beginning in Strange Tales. I had to wonder how spellcasting works.

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Excerpt: Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions #5: Past Life

Past Life

Excerpt from Me Under Glass, Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions series #5


I am Wun-Kalla. I only remember being Lyssa a little bit. The world around me is much more real than those vague ideas and misty memories of modernity.

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Smutpunk! Erotic Pulp #1 Teaser: Barnacle Man

Erotic Pulp #1, Smutpunk Teaser: Barnacle Man

-Excerpt of the Barnacle Man story, ‘FUCK Your Boat,’ begins here-

Gore Warning! If you’re just here for the sexies and eroticas and doing-its of Erotic Pulp, skip down to the big bold heading where I say “Epic cockslap over!”

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The 27 Club and related bullshit

The 27 club and related bullshit

I really should be finishing Butterface right now. But in the course of my natural distractions I came across an article on the 27 club in Wikipedia which really aggravated the living shit out of me. Too short to tweet, to annoying to bother with Facebook, I decided that I would just vent on a blog on my website because after all that’s what it’s for, right?

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