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How I Deal With Writers Block

How I Deal With Writer’s Block

You couldn’t possibly have already read my afterword in the new Lyssa (#4), but if you have—I mean, when you DO, because of course you all gobble up every word I give you—you would know that I read quite a few books by Piers Anthony when I was a teenager. And yes, cynics and critics, I know he has a reputation as kind of a…let’s just say possibly a hint of the dirty old man and a kind of, shall we say, overproducing writer (but I still like the ones I like!)—and that this probably explains a lot about how I’m still kind of stuck in late 80’s/early 90’s teenage level sexuality. Regardless, the biggest thing I learned from him was a method for dealing with writer’s block.

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Grammar 2: Your/You’re, Which/That, There/their/they’re

You can’t tell, but she just read a ‘your’ which should’ve been ‘you’re’ and she wants to stab you in the ear with a knitting needle.

Grammar Post #2

(the first was about commas)

There are so many of these kind of posts out there that it’s shameful, but every fucking day I see people doing it wrong. I read it in submissions from people who should know better (at my “day job,” not with my Callie Press friends—they don’t even write the things, either I do or we do it together). But listen, it’s simple. I hope to explain these in the simplest way ever so it sticks. Ready? Read:

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Fuck That Made Me Hot

The sentence is ‘Fuck, that made me hot.’ Of course it got grammar flagged.

When will Word know better? But it’s a good lesson in how commas can change meaning!

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