Callie’s Twitter Friends on YouTube for #MusicMonday

Callie’s Friends on #MusicMonday

Check out my friends who make great music—seriously great music by real, talented artists, who do things their own way. That’s fucking smutpunk kiddies!

Support your local music scene, I guarantee you’ll find some amazing artists who will appreciate it and make the most of it.

Subscribe to these folks on Youtube after you listen, and find some of your own independent artists to support. Feel free to tweet them at me!

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Funk Mondays! Another #smutpunk #musicmonday

Funk Mondays!

On this #musicmonday we are going back into the proto-smutpunk roots of sexy genre-mashing awesomeness. If you know the Queen of Funk, good for you! If not, prepare to be bitchslapped with pure artistic awesomeness in the best whole-woman kind of way.

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Youtube Video for Erotic Pulp Volume 3

Yep, new release! I’m getting a bit better at making videos. I like this one!

Well, it got yanked because I guess someone didn’t like the bikini girl intermission. Or because I said someone died, or because I said ‘fucking parrot.’ So here’s a ‘safe’ one, and to whomever got their knickers in a knot over it, you must be one sheltered little cunt. I hope you get paralyzed from the neck down.

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