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Smutpunk! Erotic Pulp #1 Teaser: Barnacle Man

Erotic Pulp #1, Smutpunk Teaser: Barnacle Man

-Excerpt of the Barnacle Man story, ‘FUCK Your Boat,’ begins here-

Gore Warning! If you’re just here for the sexies and eroticas and doing-its of Erotic Pulp, skip down to the big bold heading where I say “Epic cockslap over!”

Note: I skipped it on your behalf, you’ll have to buy it when it’s out to see this part!—Callie (natch!)

Epic cockslap over!

Barnacle Man looked down at his penis penetrating the wood. He felt morally obliged to answer the (EDITED SPOILER!) question; he was not one to trade witty exchanges.

“I say, FUCK your boat.”

There were many others nearby—slaves bound to oars, underlings and sailors—but aside from being doused in human gore and terrified and probably doomed to drown, they were now irrelevant to the tale. They panicked, broke their bonds, threw themselves into the churning sea, each as he was able. That’s not sexist; they were all men. One of the men was named Chun Wen. Chun Wen thought to himself, What the hell? You can just see this happening and it’s ok? I am not an actor playing Chun Wen, whose safety is assured! I AM Chun Wen! This is not a role I am playing! Don’t think I only exist in your imagination! Make this insanity stop! Let me survive and make it home!

But the insanity only stops on its own, doesn’t it? We have no say in whether it’s on or off. And so the insanity continued, and a little later on, it swept Chun Wen right into the sea and right out of this story altogether.

-Excerpt ends-


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