Fuck That Made Me Hot

The sentence is ‘Fuck, that made me hot.’ Of course it got grammar flagged.

When will Word know better? But it’s a good lesson in how commas can change meaning!

“Fuck, that made me hot.”

What I meant to say (yes, Word, Callie Knows Best). Fuck! That made me HOT.

“Fuck that made me hot.”

That’s just kind of unclear, but it seems to mean ‘I was made hot by fuck that.’ Pretty emo there.

Or, alternately, it seems to mean ‘the fuck that caused me to be hot’ which means about the same as ‘fuck which made me hot.’

“Fuck which made me hot.”

The which-that rule is kind of a petty thing. I ignore it usually, it rarely makes the meaning clearer. But if any fuck doesn’t make you hot, get a different fuck!

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