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How To Read Me, So Far

Smutpunk can be confusing to read. Well, just mine, but still.

How To Read My Shit

I understand that many people don’t know how to read my work. That’s my fault, but I’m not sorry about it. I DO want to fix it, though.

This post pertains to the first uber-narrative, the Butterface Cycle.

As to which you read, it all depends on your mood. Enlightened readers are happy readers, so I am here to remedy things! As I see it, I have three basic categories in my smutpunk. (Four counting non-fiction, but that’s not smutpunk, even though the way I write it, it is.)

Category 1: More Smut than Punk

These are just short little dirty bits. They’re entwined with the Callieverse, but they exist mostly for the reader’s convenience in jilling/wanking off. If you’re reading me for the sex, these are the ones to read first. They are in the Callieverse, but not essential to the Butterface cycle.

Category 2: Equally Smut and Punk

These are stories integral to the big Callieverse picture, and you can always expect hot, explicit sex in them. Tonguing Tromp is bonus material not essential to the Butterface Cycle, as it was just written on a lark. The others, however, are absolutely essential to the current uber-narrative, particularly Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions.

The last installment of the Hot Wife Lyssa series will end the current Callieverse uber-narrative (the Butterface Cycle), and simultaneously begin the next uber-narrative, which will be the Intraworld series of books (which will probably be complete novels).

  • Tonguing Tromp (short; satire)
  • Erotic Pulp (Series; short story collections; homages and interpretations of various pulp and comic book styles) All of the Erotic Pulp volumes have sexy bits, funny bits, and weird bits, all informed by the genres that mush together into Smutpunk. Some stories are self-contained and some continue from issue to issue in the finest comic book anthology tradition—except I write it all, so it’s not an anthology, it’s a collection. They are all involved in the Callieverse, even if they don’t seem to be at first. There are three at the time of this writing, with at least one more in the Butterface Cycle (Season One of Erotic Pulp ends with issue #4; all cliffhangers will be completed).
  • Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions (Series, and will be collected as I release them; cuckolding, cheating, strangeness and magic) This series is the lynchpin to Butterface cycle, though it may not seem like it until it’s all complete. Trust me. I’m told it’s good stuff and my most ’emotional’ work so far. The first four titles are collected in the Hot Wife Lyssa Bundle #1. All the individual titles of the Hot Wife Lyssa series start with “Me,” except the final installment (probably around #10 or #11, next year; I will update this post as they are released, when I remember to get around to it). They are:
  1. Me and Mr. Fixit
  2. Me and Dan
  3. Me at the Airport
  4. Me and the House Guest
  5. Me Under Glass
  6. Me in Recovery
  7. Me Becoming More
  8. Me and the Hole (coming soon)

Category 3: The Callieverse

These are required to make sense of the overarching storyline through all my Smutpunk, and may not have as much sex—or at least not as much explicit gratuitious jill/wank sex—as the entries in the other two categories. (Some do!) These all touch on the Lovecraft/ Cthulhu mythos, or Yog-Sothothery, or whatever you want to call it, to a greater or lesser extent. These are either more traditional or more experimental fiction, depending on the title.

  • Butterface (novella, erotic horror) If you want to dive in to the Callieverse, this is the best place to start. It’s probably the most accessible, most traditional story in the cycle, and it serves as the initiation of the uber-narrative. It’s been compared to Stephen King, which is quite flattering. Vital to the Callieverse.
  • Queen Kegel and the Arena Planet (novella, Smutpunk) You describe this one, I can’t. It’s been compared to Naked Lunch, which is also quite flattering. It’s smutpunk, and it’s very important to the Callieverse if you want the whole picture. Read in conjunction with Erotic Pulp for maximum revelation.
  • Son of Butterface (novella, existential horror/fake true crime) Coming soon. Vital to the Callieverse.
  • Queen Kegel and the Dead Galaxy (novella, Smutpunk) Coming Soon. Previous working title: Queen Kegel and the Rapture. This one is…different.
  • Janie (novella or novel, historical romance/western/smutpunk) Coming next year around Halloween. This is the conclusion to the Butterface trilogy, and will tie everything in the Cycle together, albeit significantly out of chronological order. But it’s fun to wonder and do puzzles, isn’t it?


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  1. Since I read everything you write I have known this for some time. It’s the reason you’re writing can’t be classified solely as Erotica (even though it’s HAF🔥). I’m glad you got this explanation out there so dot-connectors and Regular Old Average Folk too can share in the joy of reading stories in an overreaching arc. What Seinfeld did for sit-com you’re doing for Erotica. What Breaking Bad did for cop shows you’re doing for romance. What Lovecragt did for…

  2. Not sure if I’m a dot-connector or Regular Old Average Folk (I beg your pardon) but I know I have to read more of your work. Like MJ’s, your blogs are delicious and enticing, and of course I adore you both.

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